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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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few messages sit and short- selling on where we are watching what what is of dunn hongkong and upper 0.7% in japan down 0.2% south korea down 01 0.3% taiwan and india where also down >> man in has been charged in the murder of a three year-old child he was shot and killed on monday lawrence and guard is charged with murder is the
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one that shot and killed carlos now but in a drive froby. two men walking down the street were the intended targets bombed will trend is saying what is next >> what is next he will be in court into o'clock this afternoon to work out details with his attorney he will enter a plea this is video we got off of you to monmouth after the shooting there is a man on the ground people are hiding our around two people were the intended targets not a three year-old carlos his family just recently moved into the neighborhood >> we are losing of the audio from wellcome and you
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can see the video as we continue this coverage the man was charged today he will be in court today. this weekend at several merchants who will be holding a car wash and barbecue the proceeds will go to help the family of the three year-old boy it will be on international boulevard and 64th avenue in a be tomorrow and sunday from 11 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> there will be an autopsy and necropsy for on implementing a that was mauled to death by a pit bull she was mauled and found in the front room of her home her husband had come home during lunch hour and found his two-year a row i not neutered people hovering over his wife's
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police describe what happens next >> while officers and paramedics were doing lifesaving efforts they declared that the victim dead at the scene while this is going on the dog that had been contained in the back of the house got out and started to approach the officers and responders the officers fired three shots and killed the dog >> they do not know why the dog attacked the woman they want to do and necropsy decide if there was something wrong with the dog >> 6 of 4:00 a.m. is the time police are investigating an armed robbery of an armored car business we turn to jackie sissel that is live in santa rosa on this >> good morning darya i am at the commerce car warehouse police are on the look up for multiples us but
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on this brazen armed robbery this is some of the video from last night slightly before a 11th to masked gunman made what their way into the area and took to the employees inside and locked them in the warehouse area they got away with and under disclose the amount of cave-it describes a method
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areas hit 25 of hundred dollar reward when. >> bell robbers came in and block the two employees inside and we don't know how much money they got away with the armored car folks are tight-lipped about it the last thing they won that at do is advertised as much money was taken. >> we're looking at the latest of london after four days of rioting they are
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making a rest more than a thousand people has been arrested even see the burned out buildings. several courts around britain have stayed open to deal with these offenders hundred his stores were looted four people were killed during the looting. parts of london were left in ruins. whe did >> 6 07 is the time a look of the weather as we head into the weekend. you see a
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peak of the sunshine in the sky >> this is our view from mt. tam easy the beautiful ribbon of amber as the sun appears on the horizon will have 57 60s we're going to be warmer than yesterday. and fog will return as usual overnight today is going to be a beautiful day doy. where are looking to the hyde to mid '80s in land along the coast 60s and now the traffic >> it is still a very good ride bureau we help the
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commute stays at all like this no hotspots know backups or no delays in the area time now 6:08 a.m. we will be right back
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doll up with an futures up 11 we'll see what happens when a the opening bell starts we will be right when a the opening bell starts we will be right back. c
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the market has been strange and we will see after four consecutive days of the stock going over and under 400 high what are you looking for today? >> where we are looking at a good start on mortgages on profits i'm are better than expected. a net gain on the day i would do not expect the the singapore today we are moving ahead in a big way. it will be very difficult going forward. >> is it a positive signal that things will calm down today?
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>> i excelled i'm not into the technicals had the fact that futures are oppenheimer is an encouraging sign. that benefits the market up front but there are can be unintended consequences of their could be another announcements and rumors the market is still unsettled. >> so you're kind of watching europe's as we head into dingy? >> i've themselves the debt in europe is a concern there is all lot of concern on the slowing of the economy and overseas buried the i'll
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look for banks and credit quality and retail sales report was comforting and the jobless claims report yesterday. >> is that and sign the economy is not slowing? >> we are keeping our fingers crossed we expect the economy to pick up speed in the next couple of months it undercuts the out looking especially the upper income families which is at a war and driver of spending. we did get a buildup the last couple runs and there is some
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improvement in the economy. >> it is think this is a soft batch in the economy? >> it is possible given the support we are starting to see now the federal reserve has taken a different tact and the fallout of the financial market it could be something more than that there are very guarded in what they're willing to do in the end it will be bright >> i we thank you gary. >> i illegal lot of people are spending money because they feel more comfortable but it is because at the kids are going back to school.
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>> 619 is the time another developing story we're following in pacifica there will be an autopsy for the pregnant woman that was mobbed by her two year-old people doghouse they found her lying unconscious in the front room of her home yesterday kirch has been came from home from work and found their kickball hovering over his wife's he moved the dock to the backyard and called 911 the dog was able to get out and approached the police that shot in killed the dog and necropsy will be a performed on the dock >> on our facebook fan page i am stuart in cases like this susette fault and we are getting a lot of heated mixed responses this is some of the responses that are coming into us. when if you
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like could join us on facebook sent page at kron 4. >> we will get your personalized or their forecast right now on live look outside at the james lick freeway allow a pretty nice day thought it over cedras's go right now. cloud cover and fog will be with us for the morning hours burning off by noontime. our temperature ranges will be in the mid- 60s and warmer along the bay that is the way the
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weather is shaping up. visibility is still ok. our temperatures right now concord 58 mid-50s in sent to cisco will take a look at a live cameras aboars. you conce temperatures are in the '50s and '60s and a quick look at the san mateo bridge camera in sent as a current
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temperatures are 56 degrees by noon it will be 73 degrees later on this afternoon there be up to 79 degrees. we're looking for conditions to be a fairly nice in richmond 66 degree and partly cloudy oakland 69 and clouding. this is a look of your seven day forecast not a lot changing from day to day when we are stuck in that pattern pleasant skies for the next seven days at 623 not good morning george >> a good tomato and we're not tracking any hotspots or major delays the bay bridge is just starting to slow down on the approach no
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problems perhaps there was a stall on the incline but it has cleared your ride to the san mateo bridge looks good lighter than usual and the golden gate bridge 101 southbound the fog could be creeping in on to the debt right now you do not need to win show what burst 6:24 a.m. and we will be right back.
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the postal service is continuing cutting hundred and 25,000 jobs they have already come out of hundred
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and 10,000 jobs the last four years they have all eliminated 4000 administration staff hopwood. del futures up a hundred and 31 points as we get ready to for the opening bell on wall street we will be right back.
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opening bell on wall street will this be the day the when things finally calmed down first time in his ever happen four consecutive trading days of swings of for and report on the dow jones wit. will bring you the numbers throughout the day on the market. >> this is the man that was shot and killed the three year-old carlos not on it was a drive-by shooting that happened that on
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international boulevard on 64 avenue on monday to man the walking down the street were the intended targets it was gang-related the boy was hit by accident kron th who'd b >> he will be charged later on this afternoon this was video we got off of you to go on this is video right after shots orang all two men were the intended victims of the cut suffered non a life-threatening videoinjuries. his family had just moved into the area a week before the shooting he was with his mom and dad at the time it was rushed to the lost middle and later
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pronounced day he is one of three children and his father has been on a roller- coaster ride his father may have been house was size because of all this brief the man charged is 26 year- old and is also a father of a four year-old girl he faces a hundred years in prison >> a developing story we're following rainout of a santa rosa police are invested dating an armed robbery of an armed a car businesswomen jackie sissel is on the same >> good morning is breeze and overnight remarks robbery left him and locked in the warehouse received a call from an employee saying he was locked inside the warehouse behind some steel doors shortly before 11:00
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p.m. last night when police get here they got into a warehouse when and on locked steel doors day said to jimenez that were armed and locked them inside the warehouse and took an undisclosed amount of money the suspect descriptions there is none they're not saying how much money they got away with >> it appears we had agreed here an employee of an armored car company called the police and said they were robbed we arrived we had to free the employees because the doors locked wednesday freed the employees they found a week they were unharmed >> you can see the building itself it does not look like much no summit of front nothing to tell you that it is an armored car place
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somebody knew what was going on inside this building. there is a $2,500 reward to information leading to the arrests. >> the bell just rang on wall street a few minutes ago, the dow is looking good up 143 points right now we are watching the numbers after are roller coaster week bank stocks jumped because several countries band short sells. they are expected to rise we also got retail sales are up and. >> i don't high your fill
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but as long as it is up and down and under 200.7 fill bad her. >> i held just be happy to get this week over a hot let's get it over when and it's hard to tell what to expect today and what is a happening in france maybe it'll be pushed a little higher. >> would he think of the retail sales i am shocked people are spending money >> those numbers are months old and cooler, and later today or and the sentiment of michigan will and maybe- i'm surprised retells cells being as high as they are the stock has gotten ugly
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and not the past 30 days. >> did you mean by insider buying as an all-time high? >> we are a kind of overwhelmed ticket and and the fis amount in two years we also got import and export numbers and they were lower when we should be exporting more than we currently are. >> they're always people that speculate hall the moving of the dollar tuesday a possibility? >> well with bostowe lustylost
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>> this is a look of whether and easy the zero the sun rising warmer today than yesterday this afternoon is going to be a great one to be outside san francisco will be in the mid '60s take a quick look mid to low 80s in the delta of even in the north bay we will be an all low 80s when
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we will have our seven day forecast coming up in my next report on to traffic >> the morning > the morning a quiet ride or rubber the bay area nothing as a potential hotspot the media ring lights have been activated we will have more when the kron 4 morning news activated we will have more when the kron 4 morning news returns. yñsñkékékióç]s]s
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[ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees. that hayward man was accused of hitting a nine year-old boy crossing the street after in attending a baseball game at at&t park he was an arrested and appeared in court he pled not guilty. the boy remained
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in the hospital he has brain damage of several broken bones and a broken and a lacerated liver. >> they arrested three men for on narcotics bust which it was a response to violence on ellery street they found cocaine and a large amount of cash one of the three all restaurant was a 22 year-old derek jones and his brother was killed on that very same street wher. john was arrested for narcotics and firearms violation. what a " shot with a slice of sky will be right back.
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all eyes are on wall street we will see what happens we are right now up a hundred and 12. speeds and now look of the weather >> nice looking out the araere. mckenzie the rays of sunshine warming the rest of the bay. even see the sunshine babying the pavement on this interchange we are looking for a sunnyvale to come in at 72 degrees and partly sunny san jose 79 mostly sunny it will be a great end to the work week and we are had going to have a great weekend. we are still some
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overcast conditions mean a 50 degree weather upper 50s and 60s. this afternoon at a be nice and mild. cooler along the coast. this is where the rest of the bay area will fall to '70s are around the immediate pain warmer inland we are having
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a nice mild even on whether back to the weather and now the traffic >> we are keeping our i/o in oakland for a potential hotspot will delete construction work on the nimitz freeway they have managed to get one lane open but a piece of equipment malfunctioned they're waiting for a mechanic to get that grain moved out a way so far it is not having a big impact on traffic if it's stays out there too long it may bottle up no other hot spots to tell you about we did have a backup earlier it has already
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cleared out san mateo bridge no problems light of the unusual traffic the commute from marin county you may have a little fog as you head south bound on won a one you will not need the wipers >> with this morning idle walnut creek of vehicle crash has caused a power outage in wall might wreck it was all little after 5:00 a.m. this morning you conceive the damage here and we will go to greg escalon that has the details >> a tractor-trailer or stalled truck, skidded of the road even see the tracks drove into this borecole you concede power
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pole workers in the background that is the problem they are dealing with her for the last couple of hours traffic is opening there is one lane of traffic cars going by they are making some progress could be hours before this problem is solved it is a complicated mass there is no power right now it is a dangerous situation you conceive the truck and the skid marks and it is a masess . >> they have not started to work on the power part at all in
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>> a closure on 101 this weekend the transportation authority will briefly shut down a highway 1 01 on sunday morning to install new utility lines mean they're going to place new ones in. >> a sneak peek at the concert for this weekend ball >> on thursday afternoon the workers were putting finishing touches on the tents to the recycling area everyone is getting ready for the friday night headliner fish you can see all the instruments are being put in place crews are testing delight for friday
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night's show that means everything has to be the perfect another thing the light john boehner kron 4 got a sneak peek even during the daylight it looks fantastic music is the main part of the festival ticket have your hairstyle, and if you need to catch up on sports to there is a place for that as well if food is your thing and you're in luck >> we ask the restaurants to provide water to dishes that they do well it could be a grilled cheese and super or of special coffee we ask them to bring san francisco's best. >> i'll look at wall street
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back to the kron 4 morning new life install magazine that reggie borscht wants kim kardashian back and to call of her wedding he has been setting can't text telling her she is making a huge mistake and his friends are saying the jury is refusing to >> to reggireggie. >> we have downgraded these temperatures quite a bit this is a look of your seven day forecast. a cloudy cooler pattern and all eyes
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are on wall street. dog >> that will be the big story that we will be following we are watching the fog and sunshine for the inland spots will be right back. ]s
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